Someone in ROTARY CLUB - GIŻYCKO has an idea to show young peoples from all around the world the land of thousend and one lake in Poland. Of course - from the deck of sailing boat.
Masurian sailboat harbour
Some of this youngsters has some dificulties to read, because half of them ware surprised, some even upset seeing, what kind of hotel is awaiting for them. The most offended leave the fleet after few days, but the rest adapted themselves to such strange way of life. There ware five sailing boats, rather big , as for lakes, chartered from Bełbot-Yacht . One was of type TANGO-760
Tango 760
and four of TANGO-730.
Tango 730
On every boat was young but experienced skipper, ( to say nothing of one old skiper ) and the crew of our guests. During the 2 weeks trip, the fleet visited biggest lakes of the region, majority of Masurian towns and some local attractions. One of participants said, "the all lakes are alike" and it is probably the truth, because all of them are made of the same water, but sailing on them is different any minutes, depending on changing wind. We have visited remainders of Oberkommando der Herren - Ost, the rock festiwal in Węgorzewo, the Boyen Fortress near Giżycko, and Polish Academy of Science in Popielno, with many interesting animals.

List of our guests:
  • Bart Spijkervet - Holland - te real sailor
  • Trude Ulleland - Norway
  • Karla Kallenberg - Sweden
  • Birianna Romero - USA
  • Jaled Chaaban - Spain
  • Ania Kashkadamova - Ukraina - my best deckmate
  • Tatiana Janchuk - Ukraina
  • Cem Sawas - Turkey
  • Susanna Kulterer - Italy
  • Marie Mathieu - Belgium
  • Mario Cardenas Ramos - Mexico - my best pupil
  • Jona Koukalova - Chech republik
  • Diane Mellini - France - Your gift hang over my desk.
  • John Herring - USA
  • Brigitte Moller - Danmark
  • Andrea Valentinova - Slovakia
  • York Frese - Germany - remember about Aland island's
  • Silva Gonzales - Spain - brave girl, stronger then the seasick
  • Michael Wittmar - Switzerland
And list of skipers:
  • Agata
  • Karol
  • Wojtek
  • Paweł
  • and Me
In the city hall In the city hall In the city hall In the city hall On the beach Farewell disco Farewell disco
If someone of You has intersting snapshots and would like to show them in the net - I Invite.
White Whale

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